5 Powerful techniques for getting sales on your online boutique store

Start a boutique

Once you have created an online boutique it’s time to get your first sale. Remember, your long-run goal (which will take years) should be building a reputation for your clothing brand and make your store look trustworthy, but the short term goal (which will take a few months) should be- Getting sales.

Once you have done the optimization I discussed in my previous post, it’s time to make money. Here are 5 actionable techniques without any to actually help you make money with your online store.

Creating a niche relevant blog

starting a blog on shopify

Best way to get convertible traffic on your store is via Google search engine and for that you will need a blog page. You can either use a Shopify-blog or make a separate site for blog.

Start with finding a long tail keyword with high search rate using KwFinder tool. For example, if I have a store where I sell men apparel, my keyword for posts should be men apparel, right? Wrong. You need to look for the competition; unfortunately this K/w is hard to compete. So, I need a similar keyword which can both, provide me the same traffic and rank easily, and for doing this I will use Kw finder tool.

KwFinder shopify store

In no time here is my keyword for post titles. I will write blog-posts on men’s summer fashion. You will need a bunch of good quality posts around these keywords and after 2-4 months you will get some highly-converting traffic.

Don’t forget to put a subscriber popup on your blog posts for building an email list. This will help you email marketing- sending those crazy offers, holiday promotions and more.

Instagram marketing

promoting shopify using instagram

Have you heard of people talking about how they made four figures using facebook ads and other social media marketing? There are a lot of them out there, but the truth is facebook ad won’t give you great sale until you know how it works. You need to know your target customers, create a well-designed ad banner and study your market. A better social media platform for marketing is Instagram.

-Using Hashtags

Create a page on Instagram and posts high quality pictures of your products. Post 25-40 hashtags along with your targeted-keyword and related keywords (like #menapparel #clothing and so forth) on every picture you post.

-Product Giveaways on Instagram

Select a few people related to fashion on instagram with thousands of followers and giveaway a product to them. In exchange, ask them to post an honest review of your product. You can also go for a product reviewer on instagram.

-Paid promotion and improving followers

You can do a paid promotion in low budget and promote your store on instagram page. Now know that you might not be able to find a page promoting other’s clothes, but you can certainly find topic based page. For example, if you have a clothing line with Game of thrones designs, you can go for GOT meme pages and other promotional pages. Comment something catchy on other pages and follow other people for improving your followers.

Using Affiliate commission program

affiliate program

Setup an affiliate program and put 10-20% commission for driving customers to your store. But your affiliate campaign won’t work unless you do. Promote you affiliate using Facebook ads and outreach different clothing blogs, and sharing your program with them. To find targeted fashion bloggers search on Google with titles like tips to become a fashion blogger, lessons for fashion and other random combinations with fashion blog keyword in it.

Make an email list of bloggers and send them a well-written email asking them to use your affiliate program. This is my favorite technique because 3 out of 10 bloggers always show interest in affiliate campaigns.  Try to offer a cookie period of more than one day; this will drive more affiliate marketers.

Here is a quick email template to help you get started-

Hey [Name]

We have recently started an affiliate program and wanted to share the details with you.

Our program offers 10-20% commission on each sale and we have some great range of [Niche] products.

[Your web store URL]

Let us know your take.

Thank you,

[Sender’s name]

Email outreach to pre-ranking websites 

Here is a technique that works like a charm. Simply outreach the websites that are already ranking for branded keywords like best clothing in 2018 or best apparel for men, and ask them to review and add your products. You have to send them a free sample of your product, so they could post a review around it. Now as per my experience, some sites will do this for just the product giveaway, while other will charge additionally for doing this. But the bottom line is if your clothing (or other) product is of good quality, you will be able to generate good monthly sales via this technique.

Sponsored post or guest posting on relevant sites

The first question that comes in mind after reading this title is- Does this still works? And the answer is –Yes, it does. And it can actually drive you huge sales if done right. Reach out to your niche relevant blogs and write a high-quality guest post. Some blogs allow guest post for free, while most of the good quality websites will allow promotion only in sponsored post. Check the post type and submit an article with keyword optimized title, i.e. use KwFinder and to get a highly searched title for your guest post. You can also ask guest contributors to publish an interview of your store.

Over to you

All of the above five techniques will work, but I have seen that most of the income generating Shopify stores make money using Facebook and Instagram marketing. You can always perform guest posting and email outreach for promoting your products. However, if you are serious about your store, perform unique marketing methods and do intentional experiments.

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