Defining your brand’s visual aesthetic

Brand aesthetics for online boutique

Creating a personalized visual aesthetic is one of the most important aspects of an online store. A store that appeals has much more sales than a store with a basic theme. If you are looking to update, refresh or re-brand you boutique, creating a visually unique customized for engaging your audience is a must. For instance, the PINTEREST feed creating great buzz using just the visual content.

Pinterest feed for inspiration

Keep your board / page aspirational, creating your dream brand. Your style will change, evolution is good. It’s also good to reflect on your evolution by scrolling back though past posts.

You know how they say every brand has a unique story to tell, well that’s true, but not all brands can go on podcasts and interviews to share their stories. Therefore, you need to make a brand that speaks for itself.  Stay true to your brand and ask yourself if the piece you designed reflects your brand? Hold it up against your page – does it fit on there? If not, don’t include it in your collection – always stay on brand.

Don’t be limited by singular sources for inspiration. Look at everything from architecture to fashion, food to paint swatches!

Creating niche specific visual aesthetic

When it comes to designing an ideal visual aesthetic, staying true to your brand is not the only thing to do. You also need to ensure that it is highly relevant to your niche. To understand this, take a look at the two stores out there. First is the page from UrbanOutfitters store featuring  women clothing.

boutique women clothing

Next is the kids and toddlers clothing store named Crazy8.  The visual aesthetic of two brands is completely different. While the prior has more of a retro design, latter has a minimalist design with proper white space. Choosing the right palette is not that hard, you just need to keep the authentic feel of your brand as a pointer in your head.

kids clothing boutique

Creating a light design that remains for longer time could be a bit tricky. So you can also go for a classic design, like the one used by cold drink companies (Pepsi and Coca Cola) logos. Materialistic design featuring modern graphics is also a good way of appealing to your audience. Whatever design you choose, make sure that it doesn’t mess with your voice and actively reflects your personalized brand.

Be unique but keep it balanced

Experimenting different visual combinations is always a good choice and you can even look at other logos for inspiration (unless you don’t copy them entirely). Your brand should have a certain essence and identity that actually stand out. For example, if you are selling gift items and all of your competitors are using eye-catchy visual aesthetic, ask yourself how can you go into a completely different direction (Go for a simplistic retro design that makes your brand out-stand). You can also look over the small aesthetic elements that could make big difference like logo design.

You need to find a nice balance between inspiration and copying. Use the personality you are trying to inject into your brand to create a completely unique design.

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