How to Optimize your online Store for Search Engine

SEO for boutique

Post#1- Optimizing your online Store for Search Engine

Before you start with the marketing work on your web-store, it is really important to get it optimized for search engine ranking. Organic traffic (audience from different search engines) has a high-conversion rate, so it is really important to optimize your online store. Here are some of the things to make sure your online boutique has high search visibility.

Find out the targeted keywords

The very first thing you need to do is optimize your online store for SEO. There is a great competition in online clothing industry, so you need to find and use keywords that have low competition.

And KwFinder is a perfect tool for this. It is used by almost all of the high ranking online stores. This tool helps a user find some low competition, high-search rate keywords. If you are serious about your online boutique; getting this tool is the best investment you will ever make. It’s easy to use- you just need a bit of practice.

KW Finder shows multiple suggestions for a particular keyword. It also gives the K/Ws a score based on difficulty level. You can use it to find search volume, CPC, PPC and keyword difficulty. Here is a quick chart for different difficulty level.

Now let me tell you how to use it. Let’s say I have an online store featuring kids clothing and I have to add tags, description and quick details for the product. But if I search on Google for the keyword kids clothing, there are bigger brands on the top ranking position like- Kohls and carters. It is hard to compete for kids clothing. So, I put this word in KWFinder tool.

Kw Finder review

You can see above the competition is hard using these keywords and I won’t be able to drive much traffic even after much efforts. So, I will check the suggestions via this tool and check the SEO difficulty-

KWFinder picture

And here is the keyword for clothing- Newborn clothes (this k/w is both easier to compete and has high search volume). Now I will use this word in my titles and descriptions. But remember, the difficulty level says still easy, means you won’t rank effortlessly, nevertheless, with a few efforts you can rank in 4 to 6 months.    

​Check for other SEO problems- 404 Errors and SSL

Broken links or improper redirection can affect your ranking. If you have posted a page, say for demo purpose, and then you get started and remove the page; there occurs a 404 error. While a 404 is not harmful, it can certainly affect user experience. In some cases(when a page is low quality and serves no use), Google often make the page a soft-404 which signals the bots to no longer crawl that particular URL.

  • If you are using Shopify, use this video.
  • However, for WooCommerce you can simply install a redirection plugin. This plugin will let you redirect any URL with no efforts.

HTTP to HTTPS- Every URL has either HTTP or HTTPS written in the start. HTTP is an unsecure connection and you need to make it HTTPS. Shopify usually take care of this with their plan. Nevertheless, WooCommerce users need to add the SSL certification through their hosting> Cpanel. 

Convert to premium version- If you are still using Shopify trial account, I would suggest you to change it. This is because you won’t have a professional URL in free 14 day version and it would make your store look- less trustworthy.  

Setup social pages and make your boutique up and running

Final step is to setup your social profiles. Make a page on Facebook and Twitter. Start following some fashion pages and indulge in related groups. This will help you grow the online profile on different social media platforms. You can also add your company on Techcrunch for sharing your store info.

Once you have done the above, you can get started with the marketing part. This post was for store optimization. However, I will publish my #2 post on next Sunday which will help you grow and market your content. Also, I will create #10 posts which will help you generate income from your fashion store. Feel free to email me your thoughts, or comment below for any questions.

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