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 Free vs Premium WordPress themes [Infographics]: Which is better and why?     

There are some common steps for creating a WordPress site – you get a domain, purchase a hosting package, and install WordPress on your site.

So far so good. But the tricky part comes next – choosing a theme for your site. There are both free and premium themes available for WordPress, and you don’t know which one to go with.

If you are in that situation, you have come to the right place. Read on to know more about the differences between the free and premium WordPress themes and find out which one will be the best choice for you.

Free vs Premium WordPress themes Infographics


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Customer Support

Regardless of your experience level, you might need some professional support to use the theme on your site. And that’s why you need to find out what type of customer support options your chosen theme offers.

In most cases, free themes don’t offer guaranteed support. You may find solutions to the common issues, but getting personal support is not likely. On the other hand, most premium themes offer professional support. You can use the support forum, email, live chat or other available options to sort out you theme-related issues.

Cross-browser Compatibility

More than 15% of people are still using Internet Explorer (IE). That means every one out of the six visitors is accessing your site from IE. Since this browser is widely known for its issues with modern web technologies, you need to choose a theme that works correctly on all browsers, especially IE.

Ensuring cross-browser compatibility requires additional effort, making it more likely to find this feature on premium themes. Even if a feature doesn’t work in a browser, the theme will have some fallback system in place.

Ready-made Designs

Having access to the ready-made designs makes it a lot easier to get started with your website. You can use the existing designs to build upon, or if you are in a hurry, you can use those to create a good-looking website quickly.

Most premium themes come with lots of demo designs and page templates. What’s more, you can get niche-specific ready-made designs by choosing a theme developed especially for that industry. You won’t get any of these in the free themes.

Customization Options

Using the default theme styles will make your website look very similar to other sites based on the same theme. You can personalize the design by using the available customization options.

Free themes offer only the basic options that will let you manage the overall website styling. But a good quality premium theme will provide you with lots of personalization options to control every part of your website. The best part is you can make all the style changes without writing any code.

Code Quality and Updates

Code quality is not one of our top considerations when looking for a WordPress theme, but it should be. At the basic level, your website performance depends on the theme coding. The code should be professionally optimized to handle the common security threats. Your theme also needs to follow the coding best practices to help you get better search engine ranking. Free themes usually lag behind premium themes in all of these cases.

Final Words

Considering all of the above, it is evident that you should choose a premium theme for your next website. The one-time expense will pay off with the professional support, advanced design options, and better code quality.

I’m a WordPress content writer and have been helping people setting-up their sites for last 2 years. If you have any problem related to your WordPress website, or stuck with any site-making step; feel free to contact me.